Satin Fabric: Unravelled

Everything that shines is not always gold, sometimes it's satin!! What could be more luxurious than the touch of beautiful, lustrous satin fabric? there is a surprisingly enormous misconception about what 'satin fabric' exactly is. Satin fabric is an elegant group of fabrics that are known for being soft and shiny. Satin material refers to the types of weaves use to create fabrics. the thread patterns of satin weave make one side of the material smooth and lustrous. Due to its unique behaviour to fit for home wear and party wear, Satin Fabric has grown popular over time.

Satin fabric is more than just soft and shiny fabric that is often used for fancy dresses. A satin weave can compromise many types of fabrics and can be used for numerous apparel designing. Satin refers to the weave, not a textile, and most fabric characterized as satin has a soft and shiny finish that can be seen anywhere from evening bags to upholstery. The satin fabric produced with satin weave has been associated with luxury, sensuousness and classy romance.

Let's Take a Detailed Trip to Know More About Satin Fabric.

What is Satin Fabric?

There are three primary textile weaves, one of which is satin. other two are identified as plain and twill. Satin fabric is shiny, soft, and a little stretchable and falls beautifully while draping. the satin fabric has a lustrous and gentle effect on one side and a less shiny and dull surface on the other side. Satin material is created with satin weave by applying filament fibres like silk or nylon.

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History of Satin Fabric

The satin fabric was first introduced by china in the 12th century as a luxurious silk fabric. Both fabrics as well as weaves were passed through the silk road and became widely produced Satin Silk fabrics in the middle east. The special silk fibres and limited availability of weaving strategy have made satin cloth material one of the exclusive wears in ancient times. As time has passed, this has evolved with more artificial ways of manufacturing pure satin fabric. That is when everyone got the idea of satin as an easy-to-wear and lustrous fabric of all. 

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Characteristics of Satin

Satin weaves are best known for their lustrous touch and beautiful drape and are more flexible than other plain woven fabrics. Satin looks very soft and luxurious in the fabrics. Due to the concentration of fibres and pliability of the fabric, satin weaves create a soft and easy drape that makes it ideal for evening wear or curtains. Since satin fabric uses long filament fibres that are woven tightly, the resulting material is stronger than many plain weave fabrics. 

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Difference between Satin and Sateen

Satin and Sateen share the same weave but are made from different fibres. Satin fabric is made from long filament fibres while sateen comes from short staple fibres. Both fabrics acquire the same luxurious shiny look and are also wrinkle-resistant. even though these two materials may seem the same to the touch, Satin and Sateen brag about their separate qualities.

Best Quality Satin Fabric is a shiny, soft and smooth fabric that is known for being elegant and luxurious. Satin fabric is a versatile fabric that is used widely over time. the wide variety of satin material allows you to use it for different decors and fashion apparel. Satin fabric is a stylish fabric that looks good and is easy to care for. So if you are facing a dilemma to design your favourite dress, then you should check out for a premium and stylish satin fabric range in diverse colours and patterns. Buy silk satin fabric online to curate your favourite styles with this luxurious and lustrous fabric.

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